Full-stack Web Developer,
Open Source Enthusiast

I'm an open source developer from France currently studying computer engineering at the Troyes University of Technology.


Escape Space

2D puzzle game

A game developed using Godot Engine for the GitHub Game Off jam. Escape space before time runs out, or the shuttle will leave without you!

Godot Engine

Game showcase video

Editing of a video showcasing games developed with the engine. Edited using Blender and open source software.

Godot Engine

Promotional video

Recording and editing of a promotional video for the Godot 3.0 release, showing new features added to the engine.

Godot Engine

Website design and implementation

Former official website of Godot Engine, a free and open source 2D and 3D game engine, developed using the October CMS.


Website design and implementation

Official website of Nim, a concise yet efficient programming language. Built using the Jekyll static site generator and the Pure CSS framework.