Unofficial Godot Engine builds

The stability of these builds is not guaranteed. Use them at your own risk.
Official stable releases are available here.


This page lists Godot builds containing the latest changes.
Please report issues pertaining to the engine on GitHub.

These builds are automatically uploaded every day around 02:00 (UTC) using Travis CI and GitLab CI.
Please report issues pertaining to these builds on GitHub. Do not report engine-related issues there; please report them on the Godot repository instead.


Windows 64-bit editor (installer, recommended)
64-bit editor (ZIP archive)
32-bit editor (installer)
32-bit editor (ZIP archive)
Export templates
macOS 64-bit editor Export templates
Linux 64-bit editor (AppImage) Export templates
Android No editor Export templates
iOS No editor Export templates
HTML5 No editor Export templates

Grey texts denote unavailable downloads (either because the platform cannot run the editor or because the build is currently broken).

Platform-specific notes


The installer and editor binaries are not signed and may throw a security warning from Windows SmartScreen; this does not mean they contain a virus. Check out the periodically-updated Virus Total report.


The application is not signed (as it costs money to do so) and will refuse to run by default. To run it, right-click the Godot application, choose Open in the dropdown then click Open in the warning dialog. It will only ask on the first application start, not on subsequent starts.


The Linux editor AppImage can be run without having to install any dependencies, but it needs to be made executable once downloaded. See How to make an AppImage executable.